Zurich – our top 10 places

Basically, we’re total bumpkins, but when things get too monotonous for us, we get in the car or on the train and plunge into the turbulent city life. Zurich city center is ideal for this, we are right in the middle of it within half an hour.

In recent years we have had enough time to explore every corner of Zurich. In this blog I summarize our personal 10 highlights. The order has no meaning and also says nothing about which place is our favorite place 😉 Well… maybe I’ll tell you our “favourite place” at the end.

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Engelberg in winter – top 3 activities

Normally we prefer to go south in winter 🌞 However, the pandemic had encouraged us for the last 2 years to move our vacations to Austria & Switzerland. This winter, the little obstacle 2G was added. However, when it comes to holidays, there are no lame excuses for us, we look for solutions! So we activated our gray brain cells and lo and behold… we spent the most beautiful winter holiday so far in the Swiss mountains and all without any restrictions 😉

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Einsiedeln – monastery, panorama trail & Christmas market

For us newcomers to Switzerland, Einsiedeln was mainly known to us because of the famous Christmas market. Meanwhile we also know that the Einsiedeln monastery is very popular with pilgrims, there are opportunities for skiing and cross-country skiing, as well as a delicious cheese factory. Apart from that, we discovered a really great panoramic trail from Einsiedeln to the Sihlsee. Reasons enough to pay a visit to this place 😉

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Schäfler & Aescher – panoramic hike in the Alpstein region

The Berggasthaus Aescher is probably the best-known and most photographed mountain hut in the world and the figurehead for Swiss tourism. The Aescher can also be reached via Ebenalp cable car for less sporty tourists… but this variant is clearly too easy for us 😉 We want to have earned the rösti and apple strudel by covering a few meters in altitude 🤣

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Seealpsee – picturesque mountain lake in the Alpstein region

The Seealpsee is probably one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Appenzellerland. Even though we were out in the off-season, we were still surprised by the completely overcrowded parking lot in Wasserauen. This is the starting point for exploring the Alpstein region. However, we quickly noticed that the crowds were well distributed and were therefore able to enjoy nature completely undisturbed 😍

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Bern – Top Things to do in 24 hours

Anyone who knows us better knows that we try to find something good in every stupid situation. Likewise in the pandemic … instead of long-distance travel, we finally come to discover the varied and beautiful Switzerland from all sides.

So this summer we decided for the first time after only 5 years in our second home, Switzerland, to explore the de facto capital of the country. Many tourists are surprised that it is not Geneva or Zurich that takes the title of capital, but Bern. But why «de facto»? Well, Switzerland officially has no capital.

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