Sydney – a city to fall in love with

Sven and I are seldom as united as we are when it comes to our opinion about this city. We fell so much in love with Sydney that we couldn’t get the idea of emigrating out of our heads for days 😍 This mix of world metropolis and incredibly relaxed Australians is simply awesome. After only half a day, we noticed that Sydney was simply different from everything we had seen before 😍

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Australia’s outback – on the trail of the Aborigines

When I was asked earlier if we had already been to Australia, I always answered with full conviction: We are saving this trip for our retirement. Well, actually I should have known better back then …

When Sven and I were once again faced with the big question of where the next big trip should go, this time we were, for once, completely at odds. I wanted to go to South Africa, he would rather go to the Caribbean. Sven then made a joke about why we wouldn’t actually fly to Australia. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t take such a statement as a joke. Shortly afterwards, I was already checking flights and scouring the internet for the highlights of Australia.

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